Any good relationship is formed by understanding each others complexities and acknowledging each others strength. The same rule applies for brand & customer. In finding the right strategy to forge a connection between these webs of complexities and strengths imbued in brand and customer, you'll need a firm understanding of both. Composing the correct narrative for bridging a bond between brand & customer, focus should be on everything. What that means? It means to successfully combine 360 advertising with a 360 view on what is needed. Left to right, top to bottom.



I started out as a graphic designer working for a small communications agency in Haarlem before I started working for W+K Amsterdam as a senior designer. During these ten years I really learned to create beautiful work for big global brands such as Nike, EA Sports, Audi and others. It's also the place where I was allowed to do some light art-director work.


After departing W+K Amsterdam I started to freelance.  I was working on a job for Strawberry Frog (rebranded to Amsterdam Worldwide) when I was asked to join their team as the Head of Design. So, for about 3,5 years as Head of Design & on-the-fly art-director + mad scientist, I was responsible for clients such as Panasonic, Opel, Hoegaarden, ASICS and Onitsuka Tiger.


For Panasonic, besides creating the entire Corporate Identity and writing the global rules for art-direction on photography for appliances, I photographed and art-directed two ads. (The seagull and Owl pictures are mine, not the Golden Gate bridge one).


After my stint as Head of Design I became a full-time art-director and a 'sometimes' concept thinker at Noise Amsterdam. This Dutch communications agency specialised in social media, on-line experiences and product activation. I have art-directed TV commercials for Garnier, Vichy, Bosch, AlLex Binck, and NU.nl.


After this, by accident, I gradually moved towards concept-thinking and became a full-time strategist for my own company. Finally, in between all of these agency jobs I kept working as a freelancer for agencies or clients such as Sid Lee, Meanwhile Somewhere, Brave New Now, Tommy Hilfiger, and others...


To round it up, I am an advertising senior creative. I've helped win awards and received a golden ADCN bulb for the print work on the Nike World Cup Scorpion KO campaign. I've had people plagiarising my work, which I am proud of. I have managed designers and helped junior designers become more skilled. I'm an Adobe CC expert and have worked about 25 years for various photographers retouching images. I'm both fluent in written and spoken Dutch and English.


I'm also a brand communications lover. A problem fixer. A talker. A thinker and a doer. I know advertising and I believe advertising knows me. I salute a tight budget and help agencies to cross deadly lines. Ultimately I just love to connect the dots.


This site-portfolio is a small example of all the work I'm most proud of over the years.

Call me, or email me, if you need help with your brand, product, idea or deadline.


(Credentials can be checked: Alvaro Sotomayor - W+K Amsterdam, Richard Gorodecky - Amsterdam Worldwide)



Advertising is usually a sum of multiple core values.

                                 Visualisation of ideas combined by wonderful teamwork.

      Striving for optimal customer connection while building brand awareness.

                      Work with the best, receiving the most...

Garnier Nutrisse with Kim van Kooten.

Client: Garnier. Agency: Noise Amsterdam

DIY stockbroker with Alex.nl.

Client: Alex.nl. Agency: Noise Amsterdam

Bosch Roxx'x The powerfull silent vacuumcleaner.

Client: Bosch. Agency: Muse Icemobile



Attracting attention is a difficult thing.

                        We're being bombarded with thousands of images, everyday day.

     So it's really important to stand out and make it worth your customers while.

          Understanding how things work is one part of the solving this issue.

                The other part is sending the right message supported by great design.

        Advertising owes that much to people.




art | concept | strategy


mobile: +31 6 2655 8234

email: davefikkert@mac.com